Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pink Glitter Toms

I have already practically worn my Gold Glitter Toms to death.
I may even ask for an identical pair of them for Christmas.
They make me smile, even when I feel crappy.
Yes, shoes can make me THAT happy.

They're my #1 most favorite shoes, but these beauties are darn cute too:

In fact I can think of one lil' lady (Syd) who'd die for a pair of pink glittery shoes, because I'm pretty sure her soul is both pink & glittery.


monica said...

ill live my pink glitter toms life through you.

M said...

If anyone were pink and glittery, it would be Syd!

Joan said...

Toms had to grow on me...I wasn't a fan at first. But who can deny the fact that pink AND/OR gold glitter on their feet makes life better!? :)
You having an Eclipse viewing party on Saturday? I am. Wish you could come :)

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

yup, pretty much the cutest shoes out there. do they make them in purple?

i've been wanting to ask you, how do you align your pictures like that, in rows in your posts, so they look all uniform and the same size? maybe if it's not too complicated you can do a little guest post on my design blog. i've never seen anyone else do it as good as you do!


Diana Smith said...

Prettty!!! Love that color!

Michelle said...

I saw a pair in the store the other day...they were the gold ones...absolutely darling! If the pink ones had been there I most likely would have purchased them right on the spot!!!!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I was just telling my boyfriend yesterday that I want these.. great minds!!!
Question: I've never owned a pair. Do they run big/small?