Friday, January 14, 2011

Yea, Yay, Yeah

I threw a question about "YEAH v. YEA" up on FB & Twitter:

I got bunches of responses on FB- some of which were clear, others were maybe not so sure about the difference (glad it's not just me).

But my dear friend, the lovely Marni, directed me to a post she did about the difference between Yeah, Yea, Yay - because she rocks like that.

Turns out I've been doing it wrong for a while now. I'm pretty sure I've been using "YEAH" for both "Sure." & "Hooray!" (Let the mocking commence).


Katie said...

I know I use it for both....but I also know everyone understands it either way, depending on the context. There are some things like this that bother me - like incorrect usage of "you're" and "your", but this isn't one of those things.

tom + lisa said...

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Christie said...

That's funny, Katie, because it's one of my pet peeves, very much along the lines of you're and your. ;)
And I would contend that the biblical yea in that context is more along the lines of "Indeed." In other words, an affirmation, but certainly without the glee of the modern "yay."

Smithy said...

grammer was never my forte! glad you figured it out.

M said...

YAY! (or Yea!) I'm so glad my post was useful! It is a tricky one that people confuse all the time.

To speak to Christie's comment above, the meaning of modern yea is definitely different from Biblical yea, but the pronunciation is the same.

Rachel+Co said...

it all seems so clear now. although the post you linked did not include the proper use of the word "ya". is that slang for "you"? that's what i think.

Audra said...

I always use them wrong! Add me to the list!