Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Build Your Own Kabobs

For dinner tonight we had Kabobs. Usually I just make them, but this time I decided to let everyone pick what they wanted on their kabobs.

I opted for a lovely rainbow of veggies:

Then marinated the chicken:

After everyone picked what they wanted I threw threw them on the good ol' GeorgeForeman:

Tasty, healthy, & everyone got just what they wanted. So, it all got eaten without complaint!


Cindy said...

Those look really good! I am so in awe of how good your kids eat. Tonight I made brocolli soup in hope of getting some good veggies in Jack. He cried and wouldn't try it. It made for a miseralble dinner. Awww... if only he would he ate tomatoes and onions and peppers... what a happy mother I would be!!
p.s. does the George Forman work well for kabobs? I'll have to try it!)

Em and Russ said...

Mmmmmm, I love Kabobs!!!!! You can never use too much meat!!! The peppers are always a nice touch. The best thing about a Kabob is that it's healthy and no one realizes it (not no one, but people don't complain about a boring healthy meal).

Glad you could enjoy the yumminess!!!!


Katie said...

My kiddos love kabobs too! We have them on the menu for this week in fact - I will have to try the pick-your-own-veggie thing.

M said...

Looks delish!!

Smithy said...

we love kabobs too! haven't done it in awhile though. will have to put it in the menu soon

Michelle said...

Those are so pretty!!! I need to make something like that...I am getting seriously tired of the usual humdrum diet foods. What did you marinate your chicken in?

April Carter said...

I think I will do this tonight! I love them...even with fish.

Esther Noelle said...

yay for kabobs! so good! so glad they work pretty good on the george foreman!

Olivia Carter said...

@Cindy- Yes, the George Foreman works great for kabobs. I mean, the grill is likely the best for it but it works really nicely

@Michelle- I have a recipe for an Italian Vinaigrette that's sugar free and all natural-y. It was tasty!