Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hair, hair, hair

So, it's been a year since I've got my hair done. Yeah, it's a gross-y amount of time.

I still can't figure out what on earth to do with this mop on my head. Part of me wants to go dark (the "author" pic from my "author" interview reminded me that I kinda like my hair dark).

Dark hair I dig:

However, dark hair does tend to wash me out. I'm pretty pale (though the girl in the pic is pale & she looks fab)

BUT on my "New Years Resolutions" list I have "dye my hair red". Maybe this is the time to do it?

Red hair I dig:

However, I worry the red I want is too extreme? Come on conservatives out there, is it?

I'm planning on keeping it long. It's taken a while to grow out so I'm trimming the bottom, adding some layers & re-cutting swoopy bangs.

Hair cuts I dig:

What do you guys think?


Esther Noelle said...

I'm curious to see what people say here cause I don't know what you should do! I feel like now, before summer, is a good time to try the red and if it's on your list then you better get it done sister! Maybe I'm voting for red... but the dark would be so beautiful too!!!! I'm no help. #obviously #forreal

Smithy said...

i know you are missing our cinnaberry days from high school. Do the red! You've done the dark and that would be easy to do if you end up not digging the red.

Kristal said...

I like it dark, but I also remember when we took those pictures that you were hating it. Get Annie to come over and put a semi permanent red in your hair to see if you like it :)

Kristie said...

However you get it done, you will rock it! You always look amazing. :)
From my hairdresser days, red is hard because it fades so fast. If you decide to do some red, just do some "highlights/lowlights" in the red, and keep it subtle. I love your hair dark. Or just go into the warm tones. They have red in them, but usually don't tend to fade out very fast.
Good luck!

Dawn said...

Not one to give advice on hair coloring right now. My New Year's resolution was to be 'more authentic' and so I am letting my natural color (or non-color) grow in and I will soon have a head of white hair.

Meagan Brooks said...

Oh...both colors are so pretty!!! I'm so glad you posted this. Now I have a clear vision of what you were thinking.

I think you'd rock both colors, but I think I'm going to agree with Heather. My vote is try the hot red first and if you don't like it then switch to that gorgous dark hair. I don't think you can go wrong here. :)

Em and Russ said...

You can't go wrong. Your dark hair looks fantastic. I'm not a fan of Dyed Red hair unless it's subtle. For some reason, dyed red and natural red look very different. If you go read, just do a little, don't go Ashlee Simpson on us.


Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

a dark red would look stunning, kind of an auburn? it takes a certain kind of daring to go completely red like alison sudol...she's just, wow. but you can see if a shade of red works for you, then you can go redder once you get used to it. the long hair is what I'm going for, too! good luck!

James said...

Don't know if a guy should comment or not, but I figure if I get in trouble, then what else is new?

First, I tend to be a "naturalist", be what you are. For some reason I have this weird idea that dyeing hair is being deceitful. I guess that is an anti-Hollywood thing, as it also includes other, er, enhancements and photoshopping.

So, weird irrational gut reactions aside, here comes the overthinking:

Ok, maybe I’ll summarize:

You have the complexion (pale is not a bad thing) to pull off either hair color you want to do. There’s a lot more fans of red hair out there than you may think, so don’t let that stop you, especially if you want to get that resolution out of the way. The attitude that goes with red hair is optional, though generally expected. The dark hair may suit your complexion better, but so long as you and your hubby are happy with what you do, that’s all that matters.

The trump card in either case is the brains behind the hair. No lack of brains on your part, so you're covered.

Maria said...

I love red hair and don't think it's too extreme but be careful bc red hair is so hard to get out if you decide to change it before it grows out!! I love your long locks though, very jealous. My hair grows so slow:(