Sunday, March 13, 2011

For those that asked: Syd's Birthday Ideas

1) Syd loves playing pretend- she's in dire need of some "pretend food" like this or this from Ikea. I also LOVE the Melissa & Doug wooden play food (love this or this)

2) She needs clothes: a swimsuit, a cute shirt, some shorts, or dresses/ skirts (Syd's WILD for them these days). She's still in 4T but 5T might still work. He shoes are 10 - 101/2

3) She also loves playing outside so a set of balls or outside toy like croquet.

4) She hasn't really been into "toys" really, but again she likes to pretend so I think she'd love a baby doll (nothing that talks, cries or poops please- just a cheapy one) or some accessories that go with a babydoll (like bottles, diapers, a highchair or something like that).

5) She LOVES reading so any books are great. I've mentioned the Disney Storybook Collection books but she loves them or this set of BOB books for beginner readers. I also think she might like those "ISPY" books too.


lindsey said...

She doesn't own a baby doll? Mayan is only one has already been given 2 dolls by others. I think we've only ever bought one doll yet we have 6-8

Anonymous said...

I was really disappointed in the IKEA food. It is a lot smaller in person than the photos/website makes it look. It seemed tiny in Riley's hands and hes only 2.5 yrs old. I did buy the breakfast set because I loved the cutting board and bacon. has a ton of adorable felt food
Wooden is cute as well but hurts a lot more if stepped on than felt.