Monday, March 14, 2011

Lovely DIY projects I love

1) I love this chalk board easel for a kids from an old crib. Seriously ingenious!

2) I love scallops & I'm feeling a bit baby hungry lately so I am definitely making this adorable scallop baby blanket.

3) Seriously, love the style, color, & length of this high waisted gathered skirt.

4) Now this is my kind of invitation! A party popper with all the party info- IN LOVE!


Smithy said...

these are all such fun projects! thanks for sharing

Diana Smith said...

That skirt is sooo pretty!!

Jessica G. said...

Okay, I love the party invitation idea! The Boy has a birthday coming up and I think I might use this.

Christie said...

And I have a broken crib out in the garage!