Friday, June 17, 2011

4 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Suggestions

1. A remote control car- like this one
2. Rob is on the cusp of really liking cars. I think he'd really like cars or a garage set for cars
3. Outside play fun- balls, kid t-ball set, jumpy ball
4. Rob is growing crazy fast- he needs some 4T-5T shorts, shirts, hoodies
5. Anything Scooby Doo (we got his figures & the Carters got him a Mystery Machine) but he'd love this, this, & this.
6. Some sort of story reader
7. Dot paints


Anonymous said...

I love it when kids love shows we watched when we were little. My son's watching a lot of Inspector Gadget these days. He had a Scooby Doo phase, but it didn't last very long.

It took me forever to type this out because Little Bit is jumping on my bed as I type on the laptop. Hahaha!

Chad Coleman said...

He is growing up! What a list - my boys all love scooby doo too.

Katie said...

Stinkin' Chad was signed in on Firefox. That was me.