Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BBQ ribs- recipe & tips

My dad-in-law rocks. Literally, and figuratively.

And he's infamous for his grilling skills. World class, tasty-tasty goodness.

They are in town this week, helping with house projects, so I asked him if he'd teach Scott some of his tricks to amazing smoked BBQ ribs.

He was kind enough to let me document & share with you all.

1. We bought a big pack of ribs at CostCo. They are about $13 to feed 5-7 adults. Also we bought this tasty sauce Roasted Raspberry Chipotle sauceat CostCo & mixed it with Bullseye BBQ sauce.

2. Cut the ribs into 4 -5 rib chunks, wrap each chunk in foil, place in a roast pan, & cook them in the oven on 225 degrees for 4 hrs (slow cook, low heat)

3. While they are cooking prepare the grill. He recommends not using the "instant match light" charcoal because it has a chemical taste. We bought this in-chunk-not-briquette kind & it was great. Also you need to wood-chips to add flavor (we used "mesquite" & it was the bomb)

4. When they're done, pull them out & unwrap them. Now cut them into single rib pieces (this isn't necessary but Bob said it means there is more sauce per piece- I have to agree).
5. Put the ribs on the grill without sauce first to brown them. If you add the sauce too soon it will just burn. Close the smoker because that's what gives it all the flavor. Cook until done- lightly brown.

6. Then brush on the sauce (any sauce really, but I'm telling you the mix of the two we had was A-MAZ-ING!) and let them sit until the sauce is bubbly. Then turn and brush the sauce on the other side. Brush on sauce & flip them 2 more times & then pull them off.

7. Take them off the grill and ENJOY! As the Carter's say, "The meat is so tender it hops off the bone and into your mouth."

Do you, dear readers, have any special tips or tricks for BBQing?


Em and Russ said...

Yummy, Dad's ribs are the best! I haven't tried the raspberry sauce with them though. Sounds delicious. Now I need him to come up to WA and teach Russ how to cook ribs!

stephanie said...

Do you know I've only had ribs 2 or 3 times in my life. I know, crazy.

We love that raspberry chipotle sauce - we mainly use it for dressing. I mix it with balsalmic vinegar and olive oil. So good.

lindsey said...

Oh no.. we won't get started on Seth's BBQing. He lived in tx for 6 years so he is obsessed. We actually own a large smoker and use it every 2 weeks or so. He smokes brisket, pork roasts, chickens and turkeys. He's done a couple of tri tips and ribs too... Anyway I don't know most of his secrets, but he has it down to a science. I know one of his secrets is finding the right wood for the right kind of meat. He uses mostly mesquite (because he gets it free from work) but he likes a good oak for beef. He also makes his own bbq sauce. I think he plans on smoking a brisket for the 4th and now my mouth is watering thinking about it. The man could seriously open his own restaurant.

Smithy said...

you need to try pizza on the grill - amazing

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

These look so yummy!!

Cody and Kylie said...

Love Costco Ribs! They look yummy, I will have to try that out!

Monica said...

We use that delectable Raspberry sauce back home...so good. on chicken, on steaks...anything...like steph said...as dressing...atleast i think that was my steph that wrote that.

Monica said...

ps. i wish blogs were scratch and sniff...yuumm i want ribs.