Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday List of a soon-to-be 29 year old

Friends, I've got nada for my b-day list this year. Seriously, I don't know if it was having Tahoe, then my writing conference, then Rob's birthday, & all the work we've been doing on our yard but I've had no time to make a fun list for my birthday this year.

But I've been harassed for a list so I've scrapped some ideas together. Enjoy:
1) I need more film. I know I always need more film but my Holga (120 film at 400 speed) has been neglected & I'm running low already on my Fuji Instamax Mini film (both can be found at Allen's Camera in UT)
2) Pretty earrings. I have very few & would love some more pretty earrings. I know the store PebblesInMyPocket in Provo has a section with homemade cute earrings like these.
3) I have probably spent enough renting this movie that I should have bought it LONG ago, but I still don't own it.
4) I love my Gold Toms with a passion but there are holes in the toes. So, I'd love a new pair. I know they sell Toms at Nordstroms but Gold may be out of stock. I'd like a red or grey pair too (size 10)
5) Giftcards for clothes. I'm not dying for any clothes right now. I mostly want to live in jeans & a grey t-shirt but I could always use more!
6) My lovely in-laws bought me a Yudu as an early present & I already know I'll need some more supplies for it so emulsion sheets, metallic ink, or white ink would ROCK! (I know WalMart or any crafty store carries a bunch of these)

What are you guys asking for your birthday this year?


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I want a pair of the pink glitter TOMS. I love my black ones!!

For my birthday, in August, I'm getting an iPhone 4.. Yipee!!

Cindy said...

Fun stuff!!

M said...

Seems like a pretty good list for someone who hasn't put any thought into it. :) I think today is the actual day, no? Happy Birthday!!!