Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Festivities

We had a fabulous Fourth of July!

On the 2nd, there was a big stadium fireworks show so we, & half of Provo, sat in the lawn across from the stadium and enjoyed the fun!

For the 4th we got up late & enjoyed the tail end of the local parade. The kids had a blast. In the evening we went to Lindsay's house. The kids enjoyed "swimming" in the hot tub, making smores, & sparkler/firework goodness!

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Esther Noelle said...

Such a blast! :) Yay we did lots of fun stuff!!!!!

tom + lisa said...

I love your cute family! And, you know what I love about your blog Liv?-- You do such a great job at keeping it real... never trying to compete, but showing how happy you are with the simple things in life. It's something I try to show but I don't think I do a very good job at (post on that probably coming soon!) Thanks for never being fake or forced (in your posts, in life, etc.)!!

April Carter said...

You guys had so much fun. All we did was gut the garage for 3 days...and watch Shade...which was fun. But we need to seriously have more fun.

M said...

Great pics! What a fun day!

Katie said...

This post makes me miss cool summer evenings in Provo so much!