Thursday, July 12, 2012

Other posts I've written out there on the Internets....

Here are a couple other blogs/places you can find posts I've written over the years:

Writing & Books:

- Why Adults Should Read YA & Why it's so Good on Mormon Mommy Writers
- How to Literarily Get Over Twilight on Handbags & Handguns
- "Author" Interview on A Storybook World
- How to Find a Writing Group on Rachel & Co.
Things I've Made:
- Valentines Day Skirts on Freshly Picked
- Gnome Sweet Gnome Shop on Etsy

Other Random Mentions:
- Show & Tell on Bleubird Vintage
- Review of "Babies" on USA Today


Smithy said...

woot woot!! you are too cool for school.

Rachel+Co said...

in case you already didn't know how i feel about you: you're a rock star!

i have a guest post idea. talk to you about it on wednesday maybe.

Eva Lavelle said...

Oh my gosh - I love Miss James from Bleubird Vintage!!
Lucky you to be receive a post on her page and of course I wouldn't expect anything less than you and your gorgeous Sydney to be there with your beautiful nails:)