Friday, August 12, 2011

Parliament ROCKS!

This is totally random but I was just telling Scott that I wish our C-SPAN (which I grew up watching) was more like the British Parliament.

Not only would it be more entertaining to watch but, if we just got it all out there I'm willing to bet we'd get a bit more done.


M said...

Yes, the British parliament totally rocks compared to our stuffy Congressional debates--and this was a pretty tame session of Parliament. Did you know that when C-Span shows members of Congress addressing "the chamber" (or whatever it's called), most of the time, no one else is in the room! They're all in meetings while their aides watch it on C-Span in their offices. It's true! Yes, the Brits are awesome.

Audra said...

I watch Daily Show on Hulu when I am setting up ukes and this made me crack up! I love also that insults in England can sometimes sound so polite... then you listen and go "Holy Crap, he is being really mean!". You ignorant git... things like that! He had a follow up to this a few shows later that talked about how they would not show that part in England because they are not legally allowed to broadcast anything against Parliment and he was like "I was calling them awesome!" Love the Daily Show and loved this clip!