Sunday, September 25, 2011

"You just have to fight"

This video is not just for writers, but anyone involved in any creative endeavor.

I pretty much think that Ira Glass is genius, so this video with his inspiring/go-get-em words only solidifies that belief.

Check it:


Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I love this. I have actually heard this lately from a few different artists so obviously i need to hear it right now. Just the at the beginning your work my not be what you want it to be, and just keep working on it and pushing through it. And i like how this guy says the thing about "taste" which totally makes sense. Because right now I like what i have done, I know the taste is there...but it still just isnt what i want it to be...but the reason I DO like it and hold on to it is because i KNOw it has good taste, but i have the taste to know its not quit there too.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

ps, i love typography projects but that one was making me dizzy or i just had to listen. Ha.

Buck Jeppson said...

He is right on the mark. Since it takes a while, start when you are young and don't stop. Ever.

stephanie said...

I have fallen out of like with This American Life. But I still LOVE Ira Glass! His words really have nothing to do with me (no creative endeavors right now, or ever) but I loved hearing his voice! Thanks.