Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Hair

Syd has has yet another "Spirit Week" this week (here's the result of her last Spirit Week & the last hair day). This time it's "Christmas Spirit Week".

Yesterday was "Christmas Hat or Hair Day". Here's the result:

Star Hair. Pretty cool, right? I kind of wish I had a Christmas party I had to go to so I could do this with my own hair. I still might, just 'cause.

I used the extra gold paper from these shower invites & hot glued them to bobby pins. Then used the gold spray I had leftover from this Halloween costume & some Martha Stewart glitter I had on hand.

And today here's Syds "Dress as a Christmas Character Day" (we don't have a Christmas costume so we improvised):


Em and Russ said...

Ahh, very cute!!!! I love it.


Sarah said...


Katie said...

Very pretty hair. I know what you mean - I want an excuse to have stars like that in my hair. I love the reindeer costume too.

April Carter said...

That is awesome. I love both!

Anonymous said...

So cute! You're always so creative.