Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stress Test

This is a MASSIVE post about what's been going on with crazy pregnancy stuff. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THE DRAMA & hop down to the mini post at the bottom:

Oh man, lately my life has felt like it is one big ol' stress test. Not like the lovely Non-Stress Tests I've been doing weekly (& now bi-weekly), the REAL LIFE stress.

I just wanted to keep everyone who isn't a FB (why the heck aren't we FB friends?) or text friends up to date on the craziness that has been life this week. After my last NST came back low I was told to come back 5 days later (Monday) & when they checked me the number dropped abnormal/ dangerously low. They told me to go straight to Labor & Delivery because I was most likely going to have this baby. Yeah, I didn't even have a car seat.

At the hospital they admitted me, put me in a lovely gown, & put in a heplock all saying they were just waiting for the doctor to start inducing me. When the doctor did come he told them "35 weeks is TOO early to induce her let's try some stuff first" (thank heavens for doctors that agree with me) but he added "you are still almost certainly having this baby today or tomorrow".

They hooked me up to an IV & DUMPED me full of saline and then rushed me down to get an ultrasound again. This time my numbers were up. Still low but not dangerous. They still weren't sure if they were going to induce me. Finally, it was decided 35 weeks was too early, I'd come back Thursday & they'd check again.

Wednesday I had an appointment to see the doctor at the OB's office. After telling her what had happened Monday & she mentioned that I was measuring small (I've measured RIGHT ON every other appointment). She also said it didn't look good to keep this baby in much longer.

Thursday (today) I went in & my amniotic fluid numbers actually went up. I was ecstatic, but then when they started monitoring the baby the heart rate wasn't quite right- just having strange dips & they thought I'd probably have this baby today. So, I sat there for 3 1/2 hours (which would have rocked if I wasn't starving, didn't hate TV & had a book that didn't stink). The doc finally came & again reinterated that he thought 36 weeks was too early to induce & to go back to the doctors office on Tuesday for an amnio test, a NST, a doctors appointment, & an ultrasound to check the babies size.

I came back an emotional mess. All this "you're giving birth RIGHT NOW" and "wait, no you aren't" etc just did me in. I'm now determined that this baby is coming at the end of February. I'm not even letting the idea that I'm having this baby enter my mind unless I've got an IV of petocin dripping in my arm.

After I got home a weepy mess, my lovely mom-in-law (who flew out at the false scare & has been helping SO MUCH) took the kids & I out to "Beauty & the Beast" in the theater. It was just as amazing as I remember it being when I first saw it in the theater when I was 9 years old.

So, you are all now FULLY updated on my life. Thanks for sticking with my through my blogging absence & baby-on-the-brain posts. You all rock!


Brittany said...

Good luck with everything. I just had my baby induced at 35 weeks for dangerously low amniotic fluid and he was fine. He did spend a week in the NICU due to blood infection but other than that he was beautiful. Your baby will be too!

Kristie said...

Good luck, hope you make it as far as you want to!
I had my oldest at 35 weeks, but she came on her own. And was completely healthy. I think these babies know when their time is.
Your baby might just need to marinate a few more weeks.
Good luck!

M said...

Oh man, what an emotional roller coaster you've been through!! I'm sorry you've had to endure so much back-and-forth from all those docs. I'm glad your wonderful mother-in-law is there to take care of you and the fam. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this baby will stay inside just a little bit longer--and you'll get some peace of mind too!


Joan said...

I LOVE Beauty and the Beast!
I'm glad baby is still safe inside you and growing/preparing for the big day :)

Meagan Brooks said...

Hang in there sister-friend! :) I'm glad you got to go see your movie!!!

Photo Girl said...

I'll cross my fingers and say a prayer that all is well! Hopefully we'll see you and/or a baby soon. :)

Lindsay Jane said...

All I know is that incubating a baby is tough work. Good job keeping little Carlos/Carlita (my vote for names, PS) inside you - he/she is lucky you're his/her mom.

Buck Jeppson said...

You've been on the Medical Roller Coaster and been jerked from side to side enough that you have earned the right to be an emotional mess. Thank goodness for mothers -in-law.

Doctors and nurses treat symptoms and often forget they should be treating people. Next time, feel free to tell them honestly how you are feeling so they can address the whole you and let you know more details. That way you can feel more in charge and not jerked around. Either that or carry pepper spray and tell them to be nice or your dad will descend upon the hospital with fire and vengence. That should do the trick.

Jennie said...

Hang in there baby! I'll be looking forward to the "Bebe is here!" post when the time is right and thinking of you in the meantime :)

Christie said...

The last first weeks of pregnancy are emotional enough without all that! Hang in there! HUGS

Aunt Susie said...

Luv U. Hang in there. Kyle was born 6 weeks early and is now a bruiser. I have faith that both you and the little one will just be fine. Thanks for the update. Wish I were there to help you.

Anonymous said...

What a roller coaster! I'm glad you and the bean are still doing great.

Em and Russ said...

Wish we were there with you. We can't wait to meet baby Emily/Emilio. Love you tons!!!

Katie said...

That is just not right to yank a pregnant woman around like that. I would be a mess too. I hope things stay nice and drama free for awhile.

April Carter said...

I would say that even though you were wrung through the did a GREAT job of recovering and had a good attitude. It was so much fun just being with you and the kiddos. Can't wait for the next trip...!