Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shannon Hale Book Launch

I'm jamming in as much as I can in these next few weeks, for two reasons:
1) soon I'll have a nursing baby attached to me
2) I'm going stir crazy!

So, thank goodness last minute this weekend, my lovely friend Rachel, talked me into going out with her & another friend to an awesome Middle Eastern restaurant, Mazza. It was amazing! We all got something different, shared bites, & I can tell you EVERYTHING was so good!
Then we went to a book launch for the fabulous Shannon Hale (award winning author of Princess Academy, The Goose Girl , & Austenland and she has a fabulous blog too) & her new book Midnight in Austenland. I loved the first book, Austenland (which has a movie version coming out soon), & I have a feeling this one won't disappoint!

P.S. The last time I saw Shannon Hale speak here.

P.S.S. And the winner for Brodi Ashton's EVERNEATH is Krysynt! WOOT!


Krysynt and Junior said...

Woooot! Super excited and u just made my day :)

Katie said...

AHHH! So jealous! Wish I could have been there. Glad to you are having fun.

Lindsay Jane said...

Mazza is my favorite restaurant in Salt Lake, hands down. Let's go one day.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I want to go to that Indian restaurant, i have NEVER been to one. People always say they are good.

ARGH I started Goose Girl once but didnt finish it, I need to read it! Gosh dang it, I should have brought it here.

Good job getting out of the house.

Smithy said...

looks like fun! i am also a fan of mazza but can never talk mike into going