Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby News

So, quick baby update: Bunches of tests today & everything looks good. Going back Friday to repeat some tests, but looks like we're in this for the next 3 weeks long haul & baby's looking good!

And for those who have asked, despite having a million ultrasounds, we've still managed to keep the boy/girl-ness a secret! It does require constant vigilance- every ultrasound I remind the tech, "Please, for all that is holy, I've waited 8 months don't ruin it now!"

So, without further ado here's todays grainy profile shot of Clumsy Carter:

Also, now that I'm clear to not rest as much, I rocked a little "Just Dance 3" with Syd. It's a terrible sight to behold, which means OF COURSE I must share it with you all:

I just love Rob picking his nose & stoically showing off the case for MarioKart.
Syd is so technical with her rockin' it.
And then there's my jiggly baby belly.
Hot stuff, people.


Photo Girl said...

You look great, Momma! Yay for no more HAVING to rest! Now you should do it just for fun.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

LOVE it.
You look great. What a great way to have fun while exercising at home.

HAHA Roberto.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

You are one cute mamma! So glad everything is going ok.

Cami Walker said...

So glad everything is going better. I hope your kids appreciate that they have the funnest mom ever! (Just so we know, spell check did not underline funnest as a misspelled word...so it must be a real word.)

Smithy said...

nice moves.

M said...

Phew, glad you and the baby are alright and no imminent deliveries! Love the dance moves.

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

hooray for happy babe news!
i am DYING to know...
hmmmm... i'm going with girl.
just because i wanna see some sweet little baby girl clothes!

Katie said...

Looks like we will all get to wait awhile longer for the big surprise. Way to keep us in suspense :o)

Esther Noelle said...

Way to shake it lady! :) I want that game.