Monday, March 5, 2012

Lincoln's Blessing

With all this lovely family in town to help us out, we decided that it was a good time (a bit earlier than we normally would have done it) to bless Lincoln. We had some many awesome friends & family come together to celebrate our little guy.

Before church we had a little lunch/party/get together. It was a last minute party, but it turned out perfect.

We had sandwiches:

Also tasty soups & treats:

Yummy drinks:

Lots of awesome people:

A couple quiet moments:

And of course party favors with an Abe reference (anyone know where its from?):

Again, thank you for all the love, support, & rallying we've received from everyone. We are so lucky & blessed. Lincoln is one lucky fellow.


Em and Russ said...

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure! Love the photos, sorry we couldn't make it.

April Carter said...

I love all the photos...but my favorite one is of Robert with cute.

Carolyn said...

Congratulations Olivia! It's so fun to see how you shine as a mom! Lincoln looks like a cross between Olivia and Rob! A little doll.

Kristie said...

Where did you find his suit? I have been looking for one small enough for my little guy, but everywhere only has 12 month or bigger. (I need an 9 month size.)
Super adorable! I have been wanting to try one of this Izze drinks. Which flavor is the best?

Jennie said...

who could not love a girl who can reference bill and ted so cleverly, haha! Congratulations on another handsome little addition to your beautiful family! We send all our love from the Great White North

Em and Russ said...

He is such a cute kid! I just can't get over it! We are sooooo sad that we couldn't come!!! We love you guys so much and were really sorry that we had to miss out on getting to meet Linc.

Esther Noelle said...

Yay for Lincoln! Still can't believe how awesome you looked that day and what an amazing party you pulled off!!! Love that picture of him and Rob and the last one of Linc is just perfect!!! Glad baby girl held off so we could be there!

Anonymous said...

OMG, a Bill & Ted reference! Could I love you any more? I don't think so. You and your family are so precious. I feel like I've said that ten times already, but I mean it. :)

Katie said...

Just a little get together, ho hum. Crazy lady! Looks wonderful, and those drinks are my favorite ever.