Sunday, April 29, 2012

A week of birthday CELEBRATIONS!

Happy Birthday to my handsome husband!

To stretch out the fun I had a week worth of celebrations for Scott!

We had "MASSAGE MONDAY"- I homemade massage oil & gave him a "professional" massage (one of Scott's favorite things).

NOTE: To make homemade massage oil you need a carrier oil (a base- like olive oil, almond oil, hemp seed oil, or pumpkin seed oil). I chose almond oil because it was the least expensive of the other oils & doesn't smell strong like olive oil. It was PERFECT. I used some of my favorite lavender oil (for relaxation since I massaged him at night). The ratio is 4 TB of the carrier oil & about 10 drops of the essential oil.

TUESDAY- The next day we had "TAKE-OUT TUESDAY"- We had take out for lunch & then for the evening we had a picnic (it was also our anniversary) at the park.

WEDNESDAY- I decided on "WASH IT-DOWN WEDNESDAY"- We've given up soda, but we love getting drinks so I brought him a bunch of fun drinks & took them to him at work with a little love note!

THURSDAY- we got lucky because he turned 33 so we had "THIRTY-THREE THINGS" THURSDAY- We listed 33 things we love about him and then gave him 33 pieces of candy to share with his work friends.

Was my personal favorite "FIND YOUR FAVORITES FRIDAY"- I did another post about how I did this here but I went to 4 different burger places & bought a hamburger, fries, & chocolate shakes. Then I brought them home & we tried each one, voting on which one we liked most.

SATURDAY- Was "SLEEP IN SATURDAY" (I'm pretty sure this was his favorite). I let him sleep in late, had a nice slow morning once we did get up (playing old Nintendo games on Scott's phone), ate a big breakfast, & we didn't do any work or chores all day. That night we went on a date.

SUNDAY- Today we had "CELEBRATION SUNDAY"! We had a nice slow morning with "breakfast banana splits", went to church, & then after church we had his favorite meal "build your own burritos" & then I made his favorite Lemon Meringue Pie. We opened presents & generally celebrated Scott's awesomeness!

NOTE: "Breakfast banana splits" are cut up bananas topped with yogurt (vanilla for us), berries (I did frozen ones), & tasty granola (our favorite is this pumpkin flax seed granola).

So, it was a week of fun stuff! Busy & full, but totally worth having this fellow in our lives!


April Carter said...

I want a birthday week! And still more to come since our presents didn't get there. We love you Scott.
This was a fun idea.

M said...

You are the best wife ever!! I want you to plan a birthday week for me too! Happy B-day, Scott!!

Lindsay Jane said...

I've made a decision. Next year you're going to plan my birthday week. Mine was good, but I'm pretty sure you would make it better. Scott is a lucky man!

Anonymous said...

Can you adopt me?

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Birthday WEEK!? fancy fancy.
You did great.

Treble Clef ♪ said...

Wow! What a fabulous b-day week you put together. What a super wife and mom you are. Clever, clever:)

Photo Girl said...

You are so creative. Lucky family, yours.