Monday, April 30, 2012

PARTY: Find your Favorites Friday

For Scott's birthday I did a "FIND YOUR FAVORITES FRIDAY!" It was such a blast I just had to share the specifics of all the fun.

1) I ran to 4 different burger places. I think to be fair you gotta pick equivalent sort of places. I picked drive-thru places but that had more "upper class" burgers. (My 4th was going to go to "5 Guys Burgers" but I drove past & the line was OUT THE DOOR- so I last minute settled for Wendy's- by the results their burgers belong in a lower category along with McD's).

Separate your plates into 4 sections for the fries & burgers and label your dixie cups for the shakes. Then cut up the burgers, put the fries onto the plates, & separate the milk shakes.

Pass out the sheets so everyone can mark their favorites. Here's the jpeg of the sheet I made. Nothing fancy, but in case you want to use it:

Taste testing time! Make sure you mark your favorites!

5) Talley up every ones favorites & compare. We LOVED sitting & talking about what we liked & disliked about each one.

Here are the results:

NOTE: Poor Wendy's got dominated. The kids & I liked the most chocolatey shake from Burger Supreme, while Scott liked the least chocolatey shake from Carl's Jr. And burgers we were all over the map.

And there you go- you can really do it with any food or drink & it was SO MUCH fun!


April Carter said...

WE used to do this for a couples party....with Pizza and rootbeer. You would be surprised which rootbeer won. We had some couples bring a certain pizza and some certain rootbeers. But we didn't have the fancy tally sheets. No computers back then. Fun idea as always Miss Olivia!

Smithy said...

do you think Syd and Rob voted for their actual favorite, or just the one the other was voting on?

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

!!! I will have to do this someday. Sometimes our family does things like this. But i like the burger idea...sheesh I sure wish I could get a good burger around here.

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

You are so dang creative, I swear!!

Katie said...

I am totally stealing this idea someday!! This is totally a Katie and Chad type of activity.

Photo Girl said...

I love the idea, but it totally wouldn't work with Emilia. She wouldn't eat a burger if it was covered in frosting. But maybe a couples night! Or i guess pizza, but I like the burger idea better. :) Thanks for the idea!