Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our week as seen through Instagrams

1. Dentist check ups for the whole family.
2. Linc & Sarah lounging poolside- they are so obviously in love.

3. Sydney rocks my glasses- this girl is so darn stylish.
4. Rob & Syd share a rare "fight-free" moment over my namesake book.

5. Syd dances on her last day of school - she rocked it out.
6. Linc's cute but he straight up refuses to let me put him down to shower

7. I helped plan & photographed a tea party bridal shower & got to wear an excellent hat
8. We took the kids to Chucke-Cheese for being good on the drive back from Cali.


Em and Russ said...

You guys are too much fun! I want you to live closer to me so I can have fun with you!

Esther Noelle said...

Love Lincoln and Sarah! :) Looks like a good week - how was the tea party?