Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Family- May 27th

Hi my favorite peoples!

Hope the Memorial Day Sunday is treating everyone well! We've had a day of ups & downs. The morning started well- everyone got ready like pros & even had smiles on their faces.

Then "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" happened & Sydney got a beastly bloody nose in the middle of church. Despite his proximity Lincoln managed to get no blood on his rad penny shirt (made by his Auntie Em) & after church naps were had- everyone was MUCH happier after that.

So, the day thankfully ended as it began- with smiles. And we have a busy/fun day planned for tomorrow! What are you guys up to for Memorial Day?

This weeks internet lovelies:
- Check out my lovely blogger friend Handbag & Handguns blog- she my favorite especially to get celebrity gossip & also to check out award time fashion.
- I've got birthday parties on my mind (June has mine & Robs to celebrate)- love these decorations, this party, & these colors.
- This weekend has also included some house projects- we REALLY need to hang our art & love the way these pictures were hung. Also I love this way to display Rob's Pez dispensers.
- Now that school is over I can't wait to get summer fun started- love this websie with projects related to the great artistic masters & love this "OnTheWay" site for roadtrips.

Hope everyone has a great last week of May!


Smithy said...

so you are alive - call me back!

Rachel+Co said...

oh no! another bloody nose? poor little girl.

i love your link for summer fun projects with artistic masters! so cool.