Monday, May 28, 2012

WEEK 2: Skirts & Dresses

I have always loved skirts & dresses. Love them in all their forms, but I've had a hard time integrating them into my "non-Sunday" wardrobe & REALLY want to. Plus, it's HOT in the summers here & there just isn't much in the way a long shorts that don't look frumpy on me.

GOAL: So, for week 2 I wore only dresses & skirts everyday. I don't have a ton. I mostly wear dresses/skirts to church so some of them are just too dressy for weekly wear & a fair bit of them aren't really nursing friendly. Basically, I had to great creative!

Here's what I wore each day this week (I had 2 on Saturday because I had a bridal tea party & then a "cleaning" outfit):

CONCLUSION: It was fun to try & integrate what I have into a more casual style. I felt prettier, tried more "style-wise" in 1 week than I had in months, & I am totally into wearing dresses/ skirts weekly from now on.

So, what about you guys?
Are you weekday dress wearers?
Any tips or favorite skirts/dresses that can be worn in lots of different ways?

P.S. Here's WEEK 1 goal!


Kristal said...

Oh my goodness, I love it! I was just going to do a post about how much I love maxi skirts and how much I've been wearing them lately on a daily non-Sunday basis. I love pinterest for giving me outfit and styling ideas

Meagan Brooks said...

Oh I love this sooo much. But you know me and my dresses... ;) BTW...You look so good in ALL of them!

Esther Noelle said...

You look great in all your outfits!! :) Good job lady.

Mike Kessler said...

You rock. Really. And you rock skirts and dresses! How do you make them look so cool?

Katie said...

Love it! I am a regular day skirt wearer, but I haven't bought any for over two years so they are all a little out. I have this one dress that I think could totally be casual enough to wear outside of church, but is super super loud and I haven't been brave enough yet.

Rachel+Co said...

fun, fun, FUN! my favorite is your tea party outfit. i can't wait to hear how things went. what a fun idea.

and what's your next week-long project?

i love wearing skirts in the summer! i think they work great for pear-shaped bodies because they are much more forgiving than tight-at-the-thigh shorts. my best tip is to refresh the look of a dress with a new belt and cardigan.

Dawn said...

I've found that knee length is best for me. I'm not that tall so longer skirts make me look like a reject from 'Sister Wives.'

Joan said...

You look fantastic. You have great style, little miss. Love it.
And yes, I am a HUGE fan of wearing maxi dresses/skirts/what have you during the week. Who wants to muffin top over tight jeans or shorts that ride up your crotch all day?! No thanks.

Erin said...

Maxi dresses, long skirts, and pencil skirts are my best friend. Especially in the summer. I have learned that most skirts can look casual with sneakers and a tshirt AND looking kind of classy/dressy in a casual way feels really nice. Patagonia, while ridiculously expensive, makes SUPER comfy dresses and skirts. Sometimes their outlets have good sales.

Treble Clef ♪ said...

Just sayin' you look spectacular in all of them. I'm all for dresses and skirts:)