Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday, my lovely friend, Meagan, was in charge of throwing a bridal shower for her sister & decided on a whimsical "Mad Hatter-esque" tea party. She asked for some help with design ideas & setting up the main table & I said HECK TO THE YES! I love it when my cake plates can actually come to use too!

And it was fun to go photograph the event for her, & have an excuse to wear a fun hat/ pretty dress. From now on I'm going to insist on having monthly themed parties for no reason just so I can dress up.

Click to see more pictures if you're interested:

On Monday, we went to the cemetery to visit my mom & have a picnic. It was nice to have a tradition like that- keep reminding Syd & Rob about my mom & the time they had with her. Also, so Linc can hear stories about his fabulous Nana Marie.

And while Tuesday isn't actually part of the holiday weekend we did get to see our good family friends The Rowe family. I miss them so much & it was a blast to see how our families have grown since she moved (when we met we were all pregnant with our boys). Look at us now:

What about you guys?
What did you do this weekend?


M said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! Love the hats. Great that you took your kids to visit your mom at the cemetery.

Meagan Brooks said...

The pictures turned out so cute! Thanks again! It looks like the rest of your weekend was a score too. :)

Unknown said...

looks like fun, what a good idea for a bridal shower!

Esther Noelle said...

Looks like a fun party! I can see how you're awesome skills came in handy there!

So glad you could have a nice visit with your mom!

And yay so glad we could do dinner together with the Rowes! Look at all those KIDS!!! Crazy!