Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HOW TO: Easy Mini Pies

How to make mini pies that look cute & like you spent hours, but takes less than 20 minutes (& it's a great one for kiddos to help with & these are lemon meringue pies but I suppose, you could make any pie you'd like):

1. Buy a package of sugar cookie dough, lemon curd, & get together eggs, sugar, & Cream of Tarter to make a meringue. You also need a mini-cupcake pan & Pam.

2. Spray down the mini-cupcake pan with lots of Pam (or you will get uber sticking of the cookies). The sugar cookies work as the crust so press them down & to the sides to make a little cup.

3. Cook for 10-ish minutes (watch them) at 350 degrees. If they puff up like cookies don't worry, then you pull them out to cool, they will settle into little cups.

4. After they cool, add lemon curd(which totally freaked me out until I tasted it. It tastes just like normal lemon filling & it's so good). You could probably use a lemon pudding, but lemon curd has a strong more tart lemon taste.

5. Make the meringue. I used 2 egg whites, 3 TBS of sugar & a little bit Cream of Tarter (like a tsp?) Beat the egg whites until they are frothy, add sugar slowly & Cream of Tarter, beat until "soft peaks" (or stiff peaks).

6. Spread over the meringue, & low broil until the peaks are lightly brown (like 4 minutes).

7. Enjoy! They really do look impressive- it'll be our little secret!

P.S. My other impressive but ridiculously easy dessert can be found here!


Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Here in Switzy you can only buy cream of tartar at the pharmacy. Crazy huh? When you go and buy it they ask you what it's for and are careful to give you too much. Apparently if you eat too much its bad. I guess people put it in their tea. So, fun switzy fact for ya.

I am guessing this is like a lemon meringue pie? You don't actually say what it is. I LOVE lemon meringue pie. I WISH they had diners here where I could pick up a slice of pie. Oh man.

Katie said...

I love desserts that are easy and impressive. I am going to have to try these soon.

Unknown said...

woot! I think I'm going to make these for a work thing we're going to tomorrow!

Esther Noelle said...

These are so cute and I bet they're super tasty! Mmm!

Rachel+Co said...

speaking from fortunate experience, they are delicious! yum, yum!

M said...

Wow, very impressively easy!