Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day- PIES & TIES

Aw me, I could not ask for a better partner in the love & carnage that is parenting. We celebrated Scott today with a little day I like to call "PIES & TIES".

First off the TIE:
The kids wanted to make Scott something special for his day so I went out & bought a cheapy white tie& used our fabric markersto let the kids draw all over it.

Then on the back, we wrote messages about how much & why we love him. Scott opened it Sunday afternoon while we were getting ready & wore it to church proudly.

For dinner I made a homemade Chicken Pot Pie. It was WAY more work than popping in a Marie Calanders (which I kind of love) but it was great. I also made a homemade Peach Pie for dessert.

(Yes, we're eating on the floor picnic style- we're still trying to dig out from Rob's birthday party)

Also, I made up these little questionnaire sheets for the kids to fill out & then draw a picture on the back. Scott really liked their answers- my favorite part was how Syd spells Scott's favorite food "Sooshee"

Here's the sheets I made up- nothing special & totally in the style of the Carters but always nice to share:

What do you guys do for Father's Day?
Do you have any special traditions?


Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

SO freaking adorable! I LOVE the pie and ties idea. Where did you find an inexpensive white tie? Since we've gotten our fabric markers we've had a good time with them, that'd be a fun one to do for next year!
Also I'm so curious to know how you managed to cook that pot pie and still keep the crust looking amazing. I never have any luck with that.

April Carter said...

You are always so clever. I don't know how I got such amazing daughters. Scott is lucky!

Anonymous said...

The tie idea is so awesome!