Monday, June 18, 2012

Rob's Camping Birthday Party

Rob just turned 5- which just blows my mama mind. He wanted a "camping" birthday but we've been so busy we didn't have time to go "real" camping.

Here were the invites I designed for his party which we named "Camp Bearto Bear" (his nickname) I used a free font called "wood sticks" & then found a picture of a stump for the "o":

We had classic camping food- hotdogs (complete with JDawgs special sauce), watermelon, chips, potato salad, & some pre-made s'mores (I laid out crackers & covered them with mini marshmellows & mini chocolate chips, then baked them):

Rob also LOVES root beer right now so we opted for a "root beer" bar with different types of fancy bottled root beer. It was pretty popular & so tasty:

And I tried to make the streamers & stars look sky-ish:

We also set out blankets on the floor for the kids to eat picnic style:

The best part were the great group of friends come to celebrate Rob & he felt incredibly loved:

And for the "takeaways" we had a "Do It Yourself Trail Mix Bar" with all sorts of tasty/fancy treats- I also made little baggies for them to put their mix in:

I also made up some "Camp Bearto Bear" shirts for all the kiddos to take home too (the headbands were just paper grocery bags & $1 store feathers):

Man, I am such a lucky lady- I have the sweetest kiddos & the most patient husband who helps tirelessly on my parties just because they bring me so much joy:

This was the end of the day (he was so content, I call that a success):

P.S. Rob's past birthday parties- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th


April Carter said...

That looks like so much fun. No G & G need to take him real camping. Love you

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Awesome! I want to drink all those root beers. What a fun idea with the trail mix.

Rob looks so old in that picture holding the root beer.

Kristal said...

that came out awesome! and the shirts look terrific! Did you end up printing them? I love the design. I'm glad I'll have so many theme birthday party ideas when my baby(ies, eventually) get older!

Meagan Brooks said...

The party was sooo cute and that kids had the best time! The food was amazing and the shirts are adorable. You are truly the party queen!

stephanie said...

I want a camping party now! Great idea Bearto (ps. I always thought you spelled his nickname "Berto").

Um. Can I have a Camp Bearto Bear tshirt?

Esther Noelle said...

As always it was a great party! :) Such cute ideas - everything turned out awesome!

M said...

Wow, you are amazing Liv! I want you to plan and stage my next birthday party!

Katie said...

I think this is one of my favorite themes so far from your parties. So many cute ideas a little details. I love the trailmix bar...actually all the food ideas - very easy but very appropriate for camping.

Eva Lavelle said...

This is, by far, my favourite birthday you have thrown for your far!!
You truly are the coolest Mumma!!!