Friday, June 29, 2012

Instagram Dump

1. Nothing brings mama & babies as much joy as a trip to Target.
2. Lincoln wears his first pair of jeans. Behold his slight nerdiness with a tucked in Led-Zepplein t-shirt.
3. My three babies.
4. Mystified by my gold spray-painted finger.
5. Taking my lovely friend Meagan for her first try of sushi (we are HUGE fans of sushi in the Carter household).
6. Taking time out to relax with Meg.
7. Visiting the Krishna temple to buy some henna & pet the llamas.
8. A little view of what my summer mornings look like.


Meagan Brooks said...

Can you email me that picture of us? I love it soo much! Cute pics!

April said...

I love all these photos...we live too far away.