Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Family- July 1st

Happy July Everyone!

As you can see from the picture we're still cleaning up from my birthday party yesterday. Plus it's been a crazy week- as birthday weeks tend to be around the Carter household. I decided to do something for myself each day last week leading up to my birthday.

Monday I took myself & the kids to Chipotle for tacos.
Tuesday I took a nice long bath.
Wednesday I got myself a BIG OL' chocolate cookie at writers group.
Thursday I made myself Golda the Flamingo.
Friday I went thrifting (my favorite thing ever) & bought myself a lovely purple coat.
Saturday was the pièce de résistance, my golden cocktail/art gallery birthday party.

It was a lovely week to usher me into my 30's & to kinda do some stuff just for me. Hip-hip for birthdays & hip-hip for July!

Any exciting trips or plans for July? I think we might try to squeeze at least one road trip this month, we shall see. And July is always full of all sorts of fun festivals (Llama Fest, Scottish Fest, Farmers Markets, etc).

P.S. Check out that sexy 'stach on Scott- I made him keep it just for Sunday. I kinda love it.


Treble Clef ♪ said...

Well I didn't make it over to drop off your b-day it will be belated. However, it looks like you know how to celebrate for awhile:) That's the way to do a birthday. Let it linger on...Se you soon.

Kristal said...

love that yellow skirt, you look fierce! can't wait to see the birthday bash post, looks like it was fab!

Rachel+Co said...

The stache is epic. We're thinking of a road trip too. I'd love to take the kids to the Pacific Northwest or maybe Montana or something. Let me know where you're going to go!

kaitlin said...

i love this series so much, it will be SO fun to look back on. haha and how about berto's face here?? so funny.

Esther Noelle said...

What a darling coat! Glad you made it a good week! :)