Monday, July 2, 2012

As much fun, drama, craziness as two 15 year olds

I have exited my 20's & entered the lovely world of my 30's! I celebrated with a small group of friends in style. We basically combined all things I love into one big party- awesome friends, art, pretty drinks, tasty food, gold, & dressing up.

Before the party I gave each important person in my life a small 6X6 canvas with instructions & then we displayed them at the party as a mini-gallery opening (more info on how to do this here).

Everyone did awesome! I can't even tell you how happy each & every one of them made me. People really made the pieces their own & every canvas had each artists personality. I can not wait to hang them up!

Everyone brought fancy hors d'oeuvres to share &, WOW, people really went all out (Rachel even shared her recipe for flat bread & Greek spreads here). And I mixed up some fancy "mock"-tails to drink.

We kept it small just inviting a few friends. My amazing childhood friends who I grew up with in Maryland & we miraculously have all ended up here in Utah & my writer group girls- who are also my pseudo-therapy group.

A girl could not ask for more than these lovely ladies (& their awesome husbands who also came dressed up & ready to party!)

We added touches of gold in as many places as possible. We even had this set of gold silverware since we were married but they have to be hand-washed so we NEVER use them. It was a great chance to bust them out.

I even made the little golden animal cocktail stirrers (You can buy your own set on my Etsy site). I told you, I have WAY too much fun with gold spray paint.

And I honestly couldn't ask for more than hanging out with my awesome family- who worked so hard (cleaning their rooms, planning the party, hugs & kisses) to make my day SUPER special. I can't wait to spend the next decade hanging out & partying with them.

I thought 30 would be hard, that I'd feel old & like I haven't accomplished much, but I spent a lot of time thinking about my 20's & all the things I've accomplished in those 10 years.

Here's a little list:
1. I fell ridiculously in love
2. I got hitched
3. I inherited an awesome in-law family
4. I earned a degree
5. I had Sydney
6. I took care of my mom
7. I had Rob
8. I started a blog
9. I began & finished writing a book
10. I had Lincoln

A degree, a deliriously happy marriage, 3 babies, & so much more that I can call good. I can only feel positive that there is so much exciting stuff for my 30's bring!

P.S. And just because I can not manage to not add more photos here are some more!


Krysynt and Junior said...

OLIVIA!!! Happy 30th!! U guys look great in these pics and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your gold dress, its so you! IM glad you were able to enjoy this awesome event. U are so Fabulous!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! you're hair is seriously fabulous, and I love the dress! Looks like so much fun!

Emma (My Red Wellies) said...

Happy 30th, what a fun way to see the beginning of your 30's (and the end of your 20's) Love that dress.

Susan said...

You are so cute.

hotpants™ said...

You look fabulous!!!

Carolyn said...

So fun to see my Beehives (and one Miamaid) partying!
Proud of you all. What a fun party. I'm impressed with the mini paintings....I want to know who did which ones!

P.S. the link for the instructions for the painting aren't there

Katie said...

This looks like a perfect party- not too complicated but very personal and original. I love that your 30th was your golden birthday!! And I agree with everyone else - you look great!!

Smithy said...


Esther Noelle said...

Such a blast! You look beautiful! So glad you had such a great decade - the next one will bring even more awesomeness I'm sure! :)

Rachael Browne said...

Looks like a fabulous party!

Amber said...

Loving that gold glittery dress!!!! Happy Birthday girl!

M said...

What a fantastic party! Happy birthday!!!

Angela Taylor-Loveless said...

U look so happy. I definitely had a better time in my 30s than 20s. U have a lot to look forward 2