Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HOW TO: Gallery Opening Party

I had an absolute blast with my 30th Golden Gallery Opening Birthday Party I just had to share the how to for it.

I started off buying bunches of 6X6 canvases. You can get them at any craft store or even at WalMart. You can do any size or type of you want, but 6X6 was small enough to not take up too much space & big enough to have space to work on.

Then I mailed out/handed out the canvases to some important people in my life with the instructions to paint, paste, marker, glue, write, tape, or really ANYTHING on it. It was supposed to be representative of me/them/our relationship or just something they would think I'd like.

Some people loved the idea, while others were pretty hesitant but in the end even the people who weren't really excited about it loved the opportunity to stretch a little creatively. How often do you get to bust out a piece of art?

For the display table at the party I bought a bunch of mini easels (also at a craft store for about $1.50 each) & spray painted them gold.
I emailed out to everyone to have them send me the title of their piece so I could make little name plates for the display table. The plaques didn't end up as fancy as I would have liked, but you can make it as easy or detailed as you want.

I had the table set up so as the guests arrived they could set them on their spots. It was so much fun seeing what each person did. Every single one really "felt" like the person who created them & were perfect for me.

After the party the canvases are going to hang in my office so I can remember those important people in my life & my awesome 30th birthday bash!


Katie said...

I know I said it before - but I really really love this idea. I clicked on each of the pictures to try and see who did all of them, but I did guess your dad's before I say his name.

I wonder if the less artistic people in my life would be willing to give this a try.

April Carter said...

I love that someone painted a portrait of you and your gold shoes!It was a fun thing to do.

brook said...

love it.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! What a fun idea. Maybe I'll do this for my birthday party in September.