Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HOW TO: Easy Mini Parfait

So, this appears to be a continuing theme in my life; how to make something fancy but easy. And desserts are a favorite (see my other fancy-looking-but-really-easy-desserts here & here).

While wandering through the partystore just before my birthday I ran into these adorable mini tasting spoons& immediately thought, "What can I make that will give me an excuse to buy these tiny spoons?" Then I spotted plastic shot glasses out of the corner of my eye &, behold, the idea for Mini S'more Parfait was born.

1. Assemble ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate pudding, marshmallow cream, & marshmallows to top it off. I made this as EASY as possible so I didn't even bother with having to stir instant pudding- I went for pudding cups. For reals, people, I don't mess around when it comes to ease. Don't forget the shot glasses & spoons.

2. Crush up the graham crackers.

3. Layer the chocolate pudding, the marshmallow cream, & the graham cracker crumbles.

4. Top off with graham cracker crumbles.

5. Add marshmallows on top- I tried a big marshmallow, and medium sized marshmallows. They didn't look nearly as good as mini marshmallows& the SUPER mini marshmallows (I got mine from a package of hot chocolate, but thesecould work.).

6. Show off the impressive goodness!

P.S. They also travel really well. I took mine to an evening picnic at the pool & tossed them into a tupperware container & they fit like they were made for it!


Kristal said...

Yum! Those look great, everything is cuter in mini size!

Eva Lavelle said...

Why do you tease me so with these yummy yummy goodies?

Holly said...

Those are ridiculously cute and delicious-looking. I wish I had some right NOW!