Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday Family- June 11th

Oh, hi there!

We had a lovely Sunday at Lake Tahoe going to church, going down to the beach at the lake, hanging out with the family, & then driving back to Utah.

The drive between Tahoe & Provo has some boring deserted bits but there are some lovely stops along the way. This is pretty much what the drive looks like:

Life has been madness so I haven't been on the computer much & this week is pretty much jammed packed with Rob's birthday, then his birthday party, & then Father's Day fun!

I hope everyone has a week jammed pack with your own goodies!


Mandi said...

Yes, my hometown is right in the middle of the fairly boring, deserted stretch between Provo and Tahoe. I hope you gave a shout-out or at least gassed up in Elko on your way through.

April said...

You made that drive almost look beautiful. Love you...wish we were there for Robs birthday.

M said...

Love the family portrait and the trip photos too! You have such an amazing way of making a desolate landscape appear visually appealing and interesting.

Esther Noelle said...

Beautiful pics!

Katie said...

I loved seeing these pictures on Instagram.

Katie said...

(thanks for sharing, as always)