Saturday, July 21, 2012

Orem Owlz game: "No Soup For You Night"

We have an awesome local minor league baseball team the Orem Owls. We haven't been to a game in a while (here was the last time) so I looked up what "special nights" they had coming up.

Imagine my excitement when I saw a "No Soup For You Night" with special guest Larry Thomas (the Soup Nazi from the "Soup Nazi" Seinfeld episode). Well, if you don't know yet Scott & I are a HUGE Seinfeld fans. Huge.

We were SOOO there! While we were in line waiting to get our ticket signed by the "Soup Nazi" actor, two "Orem Owlz girls" came up to the line:
"Is there anyone here who could answer trivia questions about Sienfeld?"

Scott pointed to me & they signed me up. The stress, the excitement!

Here we are meeting him. He seriously had SUCH a good attitude and was SUPER nice. (It turned out a little blurry but, you guys, I was want to frame it I SO excited!)

So, I did it. And dominated. I could have answered the question without multiple choice. I mean it people, I'm die hard. (Can you see me? White shirt, red SaltWater Sandals, on top of the 1st base dug out- oh yeah!)

The game itself was fun too. Linc's first! We got burgers, kicked back, & chilled. It was a fabulous end to a day!

And here's a video of part of the trivia:

Yeah, so now I'm kinda, sorta, maybe, semi-famous now guys.


Smithy said...

what did you win??

ps. that baseball owl head mascot is kinda freaky.

April Carter said...

Why can't I hear this? AWESOME that you won! Yahoo...

Em and Russ said...

So cool! What was the prize?

Jenni Elyse said...

That's so cool that you won and got to meet the Soup Nazi! He's the only thing I like about Seinfeld.

Treble Clef ♪ said...

How fun! The Soup Nazi! And you are a trivia Rock Star:) Congrats.

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

You're a rockstar!