Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Family- July 22

Hiya Weekend Friends!

Ah, what a lovely Sunday- sleeping in, late brunch, reading books together, church, & then a Harry Potter movie watching party. I was NOT a fan of letting Syd & Rob see any of them yet but the kids have been begging & Scott was all for it.

So, we watched the first Harry Pottertonight. I have to say the earlier ones are A LOT less scary than the later ones. They kids laughed a ton- at the giant, at all the owls on the Dursley's house, at the ogre, Quidditch, & all the trips/falls/splats. The parts that were scary, toward the end, they huddled under Scott's arm & didn't watch.

I even made up some Butter Beer from this simple recipe. I added a drink stirrer because Harry's patronus was a stag & while a moose isn't a stag it's close. And if I had a patronus it would be a llama & I didn't have any of those either. So, moose it is!

All in all it was a lovely day & lovely night.
How was everyone else weekend?
Any big plan this week?

We have lots of yard work (never ending), cleaning, and a couple fun thing planned.
So, I'm not so much psyched for the work. But total psyched for the adventures!


Em and Russ said...

When are you guys coming to visit! I need an excuse to have a little fun! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, butter beer sounds yummy!

undomestic chica said...

I just started reading Harry Potter so I finally understand what people mean when they say Alahmora or Patronus. I'll have to try that drink.