Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Family- July 8th

Yo, yo!

How was everyone's week? We had a pretty good, but terribly hot week. We did get some rain, finally (we've had terrible fires out here in Utah) but it cooled it down for about 10 seconds. Now, it's hot & dry again. There are some lovey things about Utah, the weather is typically not one of them.

This past week we had a good time hanging with friends & hanging out as a family. I did have a hard week with the kiddos though. I told Scott when he came home on Friday, "I need to go on a date with each of the kids alone so I can remember why I like them". 'Cause I always love my babies, but some days its harder to like them. Rob & I went out on Saturday morning to the Provo Farmers Market. It was a blast & we split an Oatmeal, Dark Chocolate, Apricot cookie (heaven on my tongue).

This upcoming week is pretty uneventful- cleaning, organizing, playing but there are some fun festivals/ activities coming up this weekend.

So, feel free to come hang out with me while I clean some toilets & organize my garage!
I know, I'm just buckets full of fun!


Esther Noelle said...

Such a cute family. Love the kids in their glasses!

April Carter said...

Love the photo. This is how we feel today...exhausted and hot! Sure love you guys

Unknown said...

haha, love that Scott is showing his true colors in this picture! have fun organizing the garage!