Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fiction Fiends #2 - Meet Brook

I asked my lovely friend Brook, who I just met but feel like I've known for a lot longer. I think that's what happens when you bond over the summer solstice. She has a lovely way of writing & if you haven't gone over to her blog yet then GO NOW! It's not only well written, but life affirming.

Without further ado, Brook's Picks.


i have a few beat up books.

my books for life.

books that came to me.

when i needed hope.

books i now pull off the shelf when i need courage.

or a delicious re-read

or a moment to remember

the time when they spoke to me.

a time when

the characters were real

and i watched their paths

and continued walking on my own.

you see, i look for

books with strong heroines

and kind heroes.

books that wrench my insides

and calm my heart.

books that start with a sigh

and end with chills.

our family picture inspired by nancy turner's "lone tree on a hill"

these is my words by nancy turner

"to anyone who has every stood alone on a hill in a storm."

i clung to those words.

i was facing a personal storm and felt very alone.

a friend gave me these is my words.

i dog-eared the pages and stuffed it into my purse--next to my car keys, and extra diapers.

i needed it close to me.

i needed sarah infusing my blood. if she could face rattlesnakes, indian attacks, fires, and outlaws--i could certainly face getting out of bed.

daughter of the forest by juliet marillier

like sorcha, i thought i knew what i had signed up for in my personal sacrifices.

i felt my fingers bleeding from the thistles.

i hurt.

and my work was slow.

i felt displaced

and there was no end of my task in sight.

but i continued.

thinking of her.

i filled a tiny glass bowl with scratchy twine, like her thistles

to remind me

that i could do hard things.

and i did.

matched by ally condie

i remember the moment matched was placed in my hands.

i went home and read and read.

its words soothing to me.


days before i had made hard choices.

and matched was like balm to me.

soothing me, whispering that breaking away,

making choices that spoke to my soul

would be alright.

and i looked to cassia and hoped i was brave

and right.

and i continued to push out of that bubble

in order to breathe.

and hoped that when i finally stepped out

i would be


i look for a book that will change my life.

a character that will guide my actions.

a story that encourages me to believe, to grow,

and so i take that book

and cram it in my purse, keep it on my nightstand, or hand it to a friend

and tuck its lessons into my heart.

and then i pretend to also tuck a small pistol in my apron pocket, like sarah, and i get to work.


Kristal said...

I love these posts! What a good idea, they are so fun! I've heard good things about 'these is my words' from April, so I'll have to give it a try!

Em and Russ said...

I agree with Kristal. I never know what books to read, and I always love your suggestions, Olivia. It is nice to see what other people enjoy reading too. Thanks Brooke for the suggestions!

Anonymous said...

Matched just became available at my local library for my Nook. Starting it tonight!

I just finished a fantastic book.. super easy + fun read. I need to blog about it.

Mrs. Match said...

I just got on the library wait list for Matched. I'm excited to read it!

Katie said...

books with strong heroines

and kind heroes.

books that wrench my insides

and calm my heart.

Love that!
I haven't read Daughter of the Forest. I will have to check it out. Great post, Brook.