Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fiction Fiend #7- Meet Kristal

Everyone let's give a warm welcome to my lovely & talented sister-in-law Kristal! Guys, she is just fantastic! Here's just a smidgin of the times I've mentioned her here: she takes out family pictures, she makes pretty earrings, she teaches me new skillz, & she sews fantastically.

I could sing the lauds of Kristal all the day long but instead I'll have her speak for herself & share some really great & new book recommendations:


Hi everyone! The thought of guest posting on the blog of the lady I get all my book recommendations from left me wondering what I could possibly add. I love YA books, but most of my favorites in that genre have already been covered, so I won’t repeat and I’ll suggest a few of my favs that you possibly haven’t read. 

Quality Concealed,Image of Deception,and Challange of Choice- YA
I first read Quality Concealed when the author, Betty Briggs, came to my middle school English class to speak. I re-read the trilogy all the time and book 2 is my go to comfort novel. It has a fantastic love triangle, the characters feel real and likable and there is something just so relatable about it that makes me feel like I’m there. It’s a coming of age story and has a little bit of everything. I would highly recommend this book if you are looking for a light, fun love story. I have to admit, I have read Quality Concealed a few times, but Image of Deception and Challenge of Choice are by far my favorites, so if you find yourself not really getting into the first book, persevere! I think you’ll like the next two. Remember, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

The Count of Monte Cristo- Classic
Ah, the classics. I used to be very anti anything that could have been assigned reading in high school, but then came a time when all I had access to was classical literature and I found myself becoming converted. If you’ve seen the movie, you know it’s an awesome story. But, as we all know, the book is ALWAYS better, especially in this case. It’s the story of the ‘Count’ whose life was essentially ruined after being wrongfully imprisoned and how he plans and executes his revenge on those who were responsible. It was amazing. If you find yourself, like I did, hating on the classics, I would give this one a try. I promise it won’t feel like homework.

Not Without My Daughter- Non-fiction
This book is also one that I’ve read several times. It’s narrative of a woman who is married to an Iranian doctor who lives in the United States. He convinces her to go to Iran with him to meet his family, then, when they are there he goes totally crazy and basically traps her in his family’s house. She has no rights, and no way to leave unless she leaves her daughter there with him. It was a really amazing read and I like books that give me insight to people whose lives and stories are totally different from my own.


Jill said...

I also have read "Not Without My Daughter" and it is an excellent book about what a person with a huge motivation can do.

Smithy said...

thank goodness for e-books. it has saved me many a times from being embarrassed about reading a really good book with an awful cover.

Loved both count of monte cristo the movie and book - but probably because they have entirely different endings so you really can't compare the two past a certain point.

Em and Russ said...

I forgot all about the book "Not Without My Daughter." I might have to pick that up again. Man, those covers for that other series are awful, but I do trust you decisions in books, so I might just have to try them out.