Monday, October 8, 2012

Writing While Being a Mama

Writing while being a mama is hard.
Not impossible, friends.
But certainly not easy.

My moments of writing time have been few & far between so the other morning I woke up early to have time to write before everyone woke up.

So, there I am fingers flying. Feeling confident. Loving what I'm writing. Then "BAM!" the screen goes blank. And I lost the last two pages I wrote.

No problem. I remember what I wrote. I just begin to retype it. Then I hear the "SQUAWK, SQUAWK" of a little Lincoln-Logs waking up & ready to play.

No problem. A few toys & a highchair next to me and I can buy enough time for a couple more paragraphs. In the middle the "CLUNK, CLUNK" of Rob rolling out of bed.
No problem. I'll just pour that sweetie some cereal. Let him wander around with his food while I try to squeak in at least one more paragraph. That's all I'm asking for. One. More. Paragraph. Then in wanders kitty "MEOW, MEOW-ing" for breakfast. Walking over my keyboard. Trying to drink the milk out of Rob's cereal.
And there my muse flys out the window. Done trying to get me to focus on the craft when I've got too many people in need of Mama's Affection.

It's hard. It's frustrating sometimes. But the best part is, there is always tomorrow to sit my butt down & try again. 


Kristie said...

That seems to be me. There is always tomorrow to get stuff done, especially when my littles won't stay little for so long.
Have a great day!

Rachel+Co said...

oh my gosh this is hilarious and my favorite post EVAH on being a mommy writer. that is so funny.

love ya and hope you get some writing time too.

Em and Russ said...

I love the look on Berto's face! Such cute kids and a great mommy!

Smithy said...

i always think i'll get a lot done once S has gone to bed, but rarely do!

Anonymous said...

Yes, so right! I have to crack up a little here... sounds just like my life! My son has an uncanny way of waking up when I am of something intensely creative!