Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Family- October 7th

Happy October Guys!

This weekend was a little something that our church calls Conference Weekend where we listen to leaders of our church speak & you can watch it on TV, online, or on the radio (in fact if you are interested or care YOU can listen to it here)

But mostly my kids know it as "Pajama Church" (hence why we are looking lovely & put together in this picture) where we get to stay home in our pajamas, eat treats, & "watch church on the laptop". It's fun for everyone. And now that Syd & Rob are getting old enough to pay attention I saw this on Pinterest where anytime someone speaking says a certain word they get to grab a candy from that jar.
So, you pick words you know are going to be said a lot. I just didn't realize HOW often they were actually said or I would have put like grapes, apple slices, and popcorn instead of all really junky , sugary treats. I finally had to cut them off.

It was a great weekend. Nice and chill. Which is awesome because we have quite a week coming up & I really need a chance to rest and recouperate before I tackle this next week. Eeek! Wish us luck!

What do you guys have coming up this week?
Anything spectacularly fall-ish?


Esther Noelle said...

Ha ha! Yeah, I said for every 5 times they said Jesus he could get a treat cause otherwise it was getting kind of ridiculous the amount of treats he was consuming! But i do love this idea because it helps them be quiet and listen! Yay for home church!

Jill said...

Because I've been away for the last week, I am facing a whole house cleaning this week. Ugh. Here I am, reading fun blogs, and stalling. Hope your week goes well, and thanks for the fun picture.

stephanie said...

This weekend I'm throwing my friend's bridal shower. I'm getting all crafty for it, which has been really fun! I'm sure you'll see pictures via blog or IG, but it will include banners in pumpkins, food signs in apples, and even homemade drink sleeves. Curious?

Treble Clef ♪ said...

This is great! That is just what our family looked like on Sunday this week also:)