Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Family: January 27th

Oh happy day!

The sun came out today. Never mind that it just snowed 3 inches this evening. Because for a few glorious minutes this Sabbath the sun came out & I felt renewed. Reborn. Rebooted. Re-everything. I was THiiiiiiS close to stripping off all my clothes and laying on the roof just to soak the sunshine in.
I also wore my hair in a braid crown specifically to remind myself that I always wear an invisible crown. It's a part of my "Lucky 2013 Resolutions". And all day I did remember & tried to act accordingly. Between that, a lovely missionary farewell at church, the sunshine, & a relaxing afternoon I feel fantastic!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Sunday!
Do you guys have any plan for the last week of January?
I am finishing up my "January of Deep Cleaning & De-junking" (one of the main reasons I've been blog missing). I've got a lot left in these next few days so hopefully I'll get past this week of January & be back to our regularly scheduled programing soon!


Photo Girl said...

I'm glad you had a good Sunday! I didn't really see sunshine, but I did see some blue sky and you're right, for those few moments, I felt really happy! I'd be interested to hear what your other resolutions are. Maybe I should join you in a few. :)

M said...

Liv, you look gorgeous in that photo! Love the blouse, yellow skirt, your hair crown.... I'm also on a mission to de-junk and organize in an effort to start the year off right.

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

Love the yellow.. makes me feel like Spring is coming!!!

Katie said...

Love this picture of you. I can tell how happy you are!

My plan for the last week of January was is to EXERCISE, even if I am stuck in the house with sick kids.

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