Thursday, January 31, 2013

Updates VIA Instagram Pics

What we've been up to lately... I wish is was something bit & exciting but alas, it's just been life. And cleaning. And school. And snow. But since we've been absent I thought I'd drop a little update on the Carters.

Scott & I: 

We've been working hard this month to de-junk, deep clean, & get into a good cleaning schedule. It's kind of taken over our lives. It's depressing how much "stuff" one accumulates & stores. Sometimes I just want to purge it all & be done with it. Also, snow. I hate it. Suggestions to bring joy into this gloomy winter are welcome.

She just had her 100th day of school. This child laid out a Sunday dress to wear she was so excited. A love of school is in this child's old soul. I love Sydney for so many reasons but her fantastic juxtaposition of childhood and adult-ness makes her so much fun to be with. We would all do with a little more of both in our lives.

Rob has so much energy. This poor kid is going bonkers being stuck inside so much. I've been trying to provide outlets but running around the grocery store & playing at  a McD's playplace can only do so much. Also, Rob & Linc share a room now & it's great for both of them- Linc isn't scared of the dark so now Rob pretends isn't (most of the time) & Rob sleeps through Linc crying. Win. Win.

Is utterly, mind-bogglingly, & rather cutely destructive. I swear that I can see the words he is thinking when I look in his big grey eyes. They say, "Must destroy all things!" He is like a tiny Godzilla in this Carter household. A tiny, really cute, snuggley, cooing, angel eyed, Godzilla that I can't stop mashing his cheeks with kisses even as he's tearing apart EVERY. THING.

And just because the Carter Children are some of the cutest small people around, here are a couple more gems to get your through the weekend:


M said...

Love all the photos. Kudos to you for organizing/de-junking. I've been doing the same thing and have made some progress but get stuck every time I look at all those papers that need to be filed. Blech.

I'm thinking of throwing an "escape the winter blues" party, where we'll crank up the heat, wear shorts and Hawaiian shirts, listen to Beach Boys music, and eat summer foods like watermelon, corn on the cob, and some sort of grilled meat (kabobs?). You could totally rock a party like that and it would lift your spirits too. Bleh for winter.

Jill said...

You really have some cuties there. We too are "cleaning out." Here's my goals: Feb. - April: clean out cellar. May - July: clean out garage. August - October: clean out attic. Without goals set I'm just overwhelmed. There is just so much stuff! Good luck to you in your clean out too!

Eva Lavelle said...

That is so much snow! No wonder your all going nuts!

Here's to nice, clear weather for you all soon. Bit of a double edged sword in wishing you that, as your nice summer weather means cold dreary winter for us :-/