Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Family- March 24th

Happy Sunday Everyone!

We had a REALLY busy week this week- just the normal life stuff. But we did have an excellent birthday week for Sydney. 7 Years old- can you believe it? I'll have to post about her lovely "Under The Sea" birthday party. We've been enjoying the warm weather but then, of course, Saturday it snows buckets. Alas, Utah is always good for at least one more snow before the short spring shoots into the melting hot summer. I. CAN'T. WAIT.
I hope everyone has a lovely last week of March and a fantastic Easter!
Any fun Easter traditions? I'm looking at adopting some new ones for us!


Kristal said...

can't wait for the party post, it looks absoluteness beautiful! I'm definitely glad to be the 'younger sister' in this Carter family so I can get inspiration for all my kids parties! Hope it warms up soon for ya, I remember that teasing Utah spring... very frustrating.

Smithy said...

i need to start doing some easter traditions too. last year S was too little.