Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sydney's Birthday Day

On Sydney's birthday I went to her school & had lunch with her. I think that every parent should do this at least once. Syd loved the attention that her mom & little brothers brought her. Sydney was SO excited about having school lunch instead of my bag lunch and I have to say, despite by prejudice against school lunch, it was about 100x's tastier than I remember when I was in elementary school.

We then took some lovely grocery store bakery BRAVE cupcakes to her class. I've gotta tell you the Portuguese teacher does birthday's right- singing, puppets, birthday interview- so much fun!
We also went out and enjoyed recess. There was a line to take Linc around in the stroller and I enjoyed an impromptu basketball game with a few boys from Syd's class. Two of the boys gave me their phone numbers asking to have a playdate with Syd telling me she is the coolest girl in class.
We spent after school at the park & Sydney adored hauling Linc all over the playground. He may have loved it a little less so but we all had fun despite the NOT Spring Equinox weather. 
We capped her birthday day off with sushi- as many, many of my childrens major life moments are celebrated. She, of course, didn't want fancy nice sushi but instead the cheap all-you-can-eat stuff. She was in heaven.


M said...

What a fantastic day!! She looks so cute and fun--I want a play date with her too! :)

Kristal said...

TWO POSTS IN A DAY! Woot! I love it. I cannot believe Syd is SEVEN! Wow, seems like just yesterday Matt was proudly showing me pictures of his adorable niece on socarter before I even met you guys. Happy Birthday sweety!

Misty said...

That's so cute that they gave you their numbers for playdates. You're raising super cool kids!