Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Family- April 14th

Happy, happy, happy Sunday! 

Apparently I was the only Carter in a good mood during the picture taking this afternoon.Not really a big surprise considering that naptime hadn't happened yet, everyone was hungry, & generally everyone woke up with crazy hair, pinchy shoes, un-ironed shirts (my bad), and in a rush. 
But after a nap/rest time, dinner, and a nice evening constitutional everyone perked up and the night wrapped up nicely as Sundays do & we are all rested and ready to start the week! Hope everyone has a great week too!

P.S. Let's not talk about my new hair. Bless my hair girl, I always want to try new things and then often times I'm not in love with it when it's done & go back to brown. This time I said I'm leaving it for a few weeks & reasessing. So far, I'm still feeling "eh". We'll see how long it will last!


Kris said...

your dress makes me happy - and I love your new hair despite what you may be feeling about it!

Kristal said...

I would leave it! I think it looks cute and often new looks just take a bit to get used to.

M said...

I love the new hair color! It looks great on you and is fresh and lighter for spring/summer.