Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Years Resolutions Revisited: Part 2

The advent of spring (though, it's not terribly spring-like weather here) and a 3rd of the way through the year seemed like a good time to take a look back at a few of my New Years Resolutions (yes, I'm totally still thinking about them and sticking to them- here was my first revisit). 


Oh man, starting at the end of February and then all the way until now I have worked out nearly every single day, except Sunday. Yes, people, I get up in the morning and go to the gym on Saturday. If you've been around on the blog long enough you know that this has to be one of the first signs of the apocalypse because it has to be the end of the world for me to be doing something like that! The thing that really made it worth going was my friend, Meagan, talking me into going to the classes- spin, zumba, body combat, body pump. All the classes I may have secretly mocked I now love. And hate (spin). And I'm feeling great!

I've still be working on doing more with my Etsy shop but it's a battle for me because my work space is horrible. So, this weekend we bought a new desk and tomorrow I'm getting a bookcase and we are totally reorganizing the space. I think it's going to be much easier and I can not wait. I also had an order from an events planning company who asked me to speed ship some safari candle holders for some famous stylists sons birthday party. Turns out people know this stylist, her name is Rachel Zoe & she even Instagramed a picture with my candle holders in the shot. Kinda cool! I also signed up to do the Beehive Bazaar in May (like the Bijou Market I did last year but I thought I'd try it again with a new one) Wish me luck!

Everyone over the age of 30 should dye their hair fun colors, it changes you. At the beginning of the year I dyed my hair dark with a light panel underneath with the intention of dying it fun colors but I lost my nerve. Then this month I went in & got a bunch of blonde highlights and hated it. So, I thought, hey, if I'm dying it back brown anyway, I might as well do unicorn hair. I called my friend, Rachel, the expert at fun temporary hair and had her do it.I'm telling you guys, the sun is brighter and the sky looks bluer with unicorn hair.

What about you guys, how are your resolutions/goals? Anything awesome? Fill me in!


Treble Clef ♪ said...

You go girl..Workouts,famous stylists, colorful hair!! I think I need to buy another set of Elephant stirrers for my book group in May....too cute. (Do you have an extra set lying around I can purchase? Beehive Bazaar. Yippee!

Misty said...

Good for you for working out every day!

Love the hair, and I still can't believe your candle holders were at Rachel Zoe's party! Amazeballs.

Smithy said...

I can't believe it's almost may. What the what?!

brook said...

you rock.

Katie said...

I am doing not-so-great with my resolutions. I say not-so-great but really I should say horribly. But a little bit of improvement is good, right?