Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunday Family- March 31st

Happy Easter everyone! 

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter. We sure did! We had church- which was lovely and a fantastic reminder of what we, as a family, celebrate Easter for. And the boys had handsome matching ties and Syd & I had matching bows in our hair. That's right... like a BOSS!

We did do Easter baskets, but I am kind of anti-tons of candy (I know, I'm such a bah-humbug sometimes) and I usually use it as a way to buy them things they need anyway- flipflops & new tie. But they also each got a game and some other goodies. Linc got a sippy cup & socks because seriously, he's one, so he's easy to please.
And we also did the Easter egg dying fun! I tell you these kids just get more fun the older they get and the more they can do- which is so fun and makes activities like this so much more enjoyable for me too.
This next week is Spring Break- we thought about taking a trip but it didn't work out but now I'm kind of regretting it- I want to get out of the house! So, who knows, maybe we'll figure something small out! Hope everyone else is doing well!


Chad Coleman said...

My kids got sandals and little boxes of sugary cereal that they are always begging to eat (and candy :o)

You are lookin' really fit!

M said...

Pretty eggs!

Misty said...

My baskets had fun stuff with 2 pieces of chocolate. No one needs all that dang candy! They still go it anyway though thanks to the grandparents.