Saturday, April 6, 2013

2 adults, 6 children, 4 hours to a GRAND GETAWAY

Spring Break popped up without me really realizing it was coming. I had a bunch of friends that were going on vacation for it but I didn't really process that it was coming until it was too late to do anything. I resigned myself to some sort of "staycation".

Unfortunately DAY 1 of "staycation" was horrible- rainy, bad moods all around- a boring bust. So, I was chatting/commiserating with my lovely friend Meagan and I said, "We should just go somewhere." and she said, "Yeah, we should". So, you know what we did? We just went.

This is no small feat, my friends. We have three kids each of us- two in diapers and 3 that look like triplets between the ages of 5 and 7. But we did, we decided on Saint George a 3 1/2 - 4 hour drive away to Southern Utah & vastly different landscape, and we reserved a ghetto room (we were going on the cheap). We made a plan at 5 at night and left at 7 the next morning.

We did everything a couple o' mamas with small children would want to do. We stopped off to an easy hike in a fantastic red rocks area right by the town- there are narrows to squeeze through, caves to explore, and a gorgeous view of the whole city.
We then went swimming at the local Rec Center- this was the highlight for the children- nevermind that we could drive 20 minutes to visit almost the exact same pool in our area. But they had a blast.
We spent multiple times at a local  park and had a BBQ with Meagan's in-laws one night too.
Not to mention that our stay at the Economy Lodge was an adventure in and of itself. All of us crammed in a tiny room- 4 kids on the floor, and two beds for mamas and babies. It was a sore-fest (mostly thanks to Linc) and everyone got very little sleep but we had a blast!
We found  a carousal with a small splash park next to it. The kids had so much fun despite changing into and out of swimsuits in a car.
 And, of course, we ate copious amounts of really terrible, artery clogging, super tasty food and ice cream. 
And when I left sunny Saint George behind me, I can't help but feel that I left a little piece of me back there. It's strange, given that I'm an East Coast girl- all greenery, and trees, and humidity, and city. But I feel like there is something about that land that I connect to. Specifically those redrocks of the first day that I thought, "This place kind of feels like home". 
The only thing missing was the Mister and I was glad to get home to him. But the little jaunt away from home was just enough to satisfy my restless soul and got the kids out of town and out of their routines and made for a fun spring break.
So, next time you feel the hankering to go, forget that you have responsiblities, and dishes, and children you have to drag along with you and just go.


Kristal said...

Looks like fun! Sometime we should all go camping in Goblin Valley if you liked the red rocks! Southern Utah is super pretty I think. Glad to hear you guys had fun! I think the pool you went to is where we would go for swim meets down there, we were never allowed in the kids section but it looked awesome!

Kristie said...

Love St. George. I have in-laws down there, so they make it super fun to go and visit!
Next time you go down, I suggest going to Krave. It is on the corner of Bluff and the Boulevard. Across from Smiths. They have some amazing soft serve self serve. With every topping you can imagine. Every time we go down, I make my hubby take me on a date there.
Thanks for the motivation to just do it!

stephanie said...

I love that you did this! What great activities, made better by the spontaneity of it all! I can't help but be a little jealous! But also a little hopeful to copy your trip sometime with my kiddos since we'll be down there soon!

Jill said...

I definitely am hankering to go. To go anywhere! I'm so glad to see there is someone else who just makes it happen, and that you had a great time.292coupsFe

Smithy said...

love that you two just packed up and went. felt the same way about visiting my parents in monument valley, i had talked so much about it, we finally just had to DO-IT.

Misty said...

Spontaneous, inexpensive trips are the best kind. Glad you guys enjoyed your spring break!

M said...

I love spontaneous road trips! Way to go!