Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baby Curls No Mo'

I love Lincoln's baby curls. Part of me didn't want this reminent of his babyhood to be over yet. Part of me loved kissing the curls down the back of his neck. But it's getting hot here & the poor guy just looked sweaty with all that hair. So, I finally bit the bullet and decided it was time. It was a random Tuesday- the time when most of my major life decisions have been made.

BEFORE: (just look at that kids face!)

DURING: (he didn't freak out at all & really enjoyed looking at pics of himself on my phone)

 And there we go! A classic first hair cut, probably interesting only to the grandparents & posterity, but this kid was a champ. I'll admit I was worried that a hair cut would age him exponentially, he still feels just like my same ol' little guy. Just with less sweaty curls plastered to his forehead!


Misty said...

That first picture! You make such cute kids. Love his hair, before and after.

Kristie said...

Love it. My little guy loves getting his hair cut. He always sits so still. Hope that stays the same for you in the future!

Kristal said...

So cute! Haha, poor Natalie still doesn't have enough hair to cut!

Katie said...

Such a handsome kid.