Saturday, May 25, 2013

Roasting Beets

Confession: Until recently I never knew that beets could be eaten any other way other than pickled out of a jar. That was until my lovely friend Esther introduced me to ROASTED BEETS. My life is now better for it and I thought, if anyone out there like me didn't know this was possible, well, now you do.

Presenting ROASTED BEETS: (fantastic along, great on salads, or in smoothies, & stains your hands a lovely shade of red-ish purple):

1) Cut the tops & bottoms off the beets. Then lay them each on a piece of foil. 

 2) Ad a bit of olive oil & rub it all over.
 3) Put on some fresh salt & pepper and rub it around too.
4) Wrap each beet up and put on a pan & in a 350 degree oven for about an hour depending on how big they were. 
 5) When you pull them out the outer skin will just peel off beet. Then chop them off and serve!
 When I gave them first to the kids Rob said, "What is this purple blue vegetable you are feeding to us?" I'll be honest, they were iffy at first but ended up really liking them a lot- especially Mr. Linc (of course we would like the messiest, stainiest possible vegetable in the world!)

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M said...

I LOVE roasted beets in salads, or with other roasted root veggies. Your method of cooking them is much easier than mine, I'm going to have to try it.